Friday, October 24, 2008

Hours away

Well rainbow,

I got my list all done ( except mary kay's sunblock *_*) before 2200 yesterday.

This was what happened at KL Central where C, C's sister (T) and I were at.

"How much we changing again?" I asked.

"2.2 million Rupiah." T replied.

"Er, that's how much in Ringgit? I'm sucked in Maths!" I commented *grin*

"RM600 plus minus baby. Okie?" added C.

So we approached one of the money changer and demanded our 'millions'. After negotiating for 3 minutes, both C and T looked at me.

"My salary not out yet. How can we change?" questioned C.

I looked at both of them with a hopeless sigh.

"What la, wanna be millionaire but no ringgit. A shame of both of you!!" I said.

They grinned *_*

Since I was the only victim who has salary banked into my account earlier, I took out RM1.8K to change 5million rupiah.

*wonder if I can get few houses and a mercedes in Indo or Bandung*

After all the "who-has-the-money" and our three aerobus tickets, we drove home. I have always been a chronic gastric person since I was seven!! Thanks to Coke and Pizza Hut.

Without further compassion given by my tummy acidic secretion, one massive gastric pain hit me the moment I laid my arse on the car seat. I want my antidote!!!! The nearest Vanila ice-cream or HL milk.

*in pain, super pain*

"I want McD ice cream now!" I manja-ed to C.

"We get you one soon." C replied with angel eyes.

Guess what??? He got one with a coated CHOCOLATES!!!!!! *faint*

"Eh, I want only pure vanila la. Why why ada chocolates." I asked.

"Oh, thought you would love to have some chocolate. You don't want? Let me lick it away!!!" C suggested.

*faint,super faint*

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post Jakarta


I have a 'to-do-list' in my hand now. My flight to Jakarta is in less than 24 hours and there are mountains of errands to run.

a) Buy contact lenses
b) Get my sunglasses (which I left it at my Jay Bee's home)
c) Change currency
d) Get cab/human to send us to the bus station
e) Buy aero-bus tickets
f) some more???? oh yeah, sun block!

One of my students just called to cancel her extra class today, which means I have and must complete my list. Plus, I need to collect my company's trip gifts tomorrow. The whole morning till afternoon is taken. Few places to 'lari' before attending an Olay's event at Carcosa Hotel before heading to C's house. All these really stress me out abit.

The thing is, why Jakarta out of so many South East Asia countries to visit? Well, since C's friend is working in Jakarta's HP company, so just treat it like visiting a friend and the Island. Generating Indonesia's economy by shopping is also part of the plan, no doubt. Plus point, we might as well take a train from Gambir to Bandung to continue the shopping saga. In order to keep the plan flows well, I have decided to wear less (since we're buying, right), put most of my skincare products into smaller containers and carry many empty bags - you know what I mean.

When I travel, local cuisine is a must-haves. How can I say I've been to Jakarta when I don't even know what's the tradition foods are? Like in Malaysia, you have the home grown 'nasi lemak', Singapore, you have the 'singapore laksa', or Japan, you have the 'really raw sushi'.

Tips from me when I travel - drink h20, eat alot and remember to have some fruits!

Hello Kitty to represent Japan, Hibiscus to represent Malaysia and Batik to show Indonesia. I wonder what I will buy back? Tonnes of affortable panties, bras, dvds, BATIK??? Well, will wait for it.. *grin sheepishly*

Time to leave the office and get my list completed. Will blog once I reach Malaysia and not forgetting photos.

remy, the rabbit.


Dear Remy,
Mummy is sorry for not being there with you now due to work and environment. And now, you're with 'Ah Ma' and 'Yeh-Yeh'. But look at the bright side of a rabbit's life. A spacious ground to laze around, family members to be with you at all time and most of all, no one is there to disturb you, right (Beside 'Kor-Kor' who occasionally bite your buttock!!!)? Just bear with me for another six more months before I bring you back.

Since I bought you 10 months ago when you were sized of my palm, you changed my everything. My lazy habits, my 'always-travel' habits, my everything, Remy baby. Period.

When you were asleep, you pictured yourself like a flurry ball. When you hop around the room, it's so cute that I let you do anything you want. Your mischevious look and continously caring affection can be felt around you.

Now, you sleep like a puppy (all four legs up and head on the floor -hillarious and amazing!). You eat when you see us munching our food. You follow us when we're walking. You hide whenever we play hide and seek with you. You're the greatest baby.

I may be over protected but I believe in karma. I have you and you're mine to take care. The less thing I can do for you is to protect and give you my best to make you feel great. A promise.

Remy, remember the time when I brought you for your spat? You're only six months old and I cried the moment I sent you in. It was a Thursday morning and I was alone. You looked so frightened in your travelling bag. I sensed fear. It's for your own good, Remy. It wasn't easy. It's like sending my own child for an injection/operation and knowing how scared my kid/pet feels make me cry. You stayed a night in the hospital for further inspection. I called many times to check about your condition till the nurse told me, "Don't worry, Remy is sleeping now. You'll see him tomorrow morning.". I know it sounded very dumb to get nervous over a rabbit, but it is my responsibility to take care of you.

Since I sent you back to my parents, I only hear compliments. You have been a good boy.
I miss your cheeky look, your 'happy' hops, your munching face and most of all I miss your presence.Really, period.

You just know how to make me smile in my heart, and this just smooth my tirednes away.

Nevetheless, you're the greatest my rabbit hero.

My light



I miss you,
I think of you always,
Your tears prove that you care for me,
Your efforts have not gone wasted.

I miss you too,
I think of you often.
Your constant wise words prove that you want the best for me,
Your time spent working have not gone wasted.

Mummy and Daddy,
It has been 24 years since you brought me up,
It has been a wonderful year, always is,
I'm sorry for not being at home 24 hours,
I'm by your side to listen and talk when you need me now.

Mummy and Daddy,
I can't afford to publish thesis about both of you,
It can only be expressed from my heart,
And my heart tells me to be a filial daughter for both of you,
And this is a promise.



I admit. Nothing is perfect not even to perfection in my view. I always try but the result is never in my hand. I try to impress but no one takes note. I try to talk but no one listen. I try to be generous but no one takes it seriously. What should I do if I don't even try? And when unacceptable event occurs, I ask myself "What If I did not do it?". But, why should I even bother letting these questions haunt my conscious? Period.

Take for example;
This guy that I met when we were in our early teens. Let's call him 5. It was love at first sight. We were in the same high school, took the same public transports and sometimes tuition classes. Every thing seemed so perfect but we were never a pair. We were really good buddies.

As time passed and when hormones were out of control, we told our world 'we are seeing each other'. This happened 10 years later when we in our late teens. University students. This time was different. Our mindset, friends, languages - you name it. To cut it short, it was a different love. It was commited love. Did I mention. we're from different backgrounds? We celebrate the different festivals, language, food, traditions and more.

One dreadful incident which changed my everything.

Being with 5 for the first 560 days was great. It was genuine. As a matter of fact, 5 and I really 'loved' each other, I was from my side.

I never understand the word 'third party'. Is there a party down the third lane? Or is it someone is having her/his party in between a couple? Well, as I have mentioned, I don't know. Cruel enough, I saw S and 'ms. third' on bed. 'ms third' was a closed friend. That's wrap up the whole break-up details. I was alone.

I wonder:
a) what are the possibility a person cheats?
c) and what is the best break up reason?

Five maturing years have passed and I don't have any recognition of 5. I knew they broke up after 6 months. I didn't care. I heard 5 is with someone now. I didn't care either. I heard 5 thinks of me often. I didn't even want to know more. I gave up on 5. But........ if I have to thank 5, I would love to tell 5 for making me a stronger and better other half in a relationship.Period.

I understand now. No matter how hard I can or will try, result is not with me. The efforts that I invest in only help to shape the path. The path that sees result, and not the result I have in mind.It is the path that is meaningful but never the result.

He will be a great son, father, in-law and most of all my partner in crime for all times. It is never an easy journey to shape this path, never is, but I will do the trying.